The Realignment Session

Thanks in advance for taking the time to Watch/Listen to my new record 'The Realignment Session'. It took me 8 years to make and the 12 songs you are about to hear were selected from over 200 ideas/compositions.

I am joined by a wonderful cast of international musicians from across three continents.

The album was recorded live in 1 day over 2 complete performances and everything you hear was performed live with a loop station and no use of backing tracks. Performing it through was incredibly complex but rewarding and it was different each time. It really was a labour of love and an ambitious struggle to reach this point. Also it wasn't helped that I damaged my left hand in a cycling accident 6 days before. But it all came together on the day (Just about) :)


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Track Listing

  1. Revelation Start - 6:06
  2. Reaction 6:07 - 9:07
  3. Realistic 9:08 - 12:48
  4. Realignment 12:49 - 20:00
  5. Reaper 20:01 - 22:10
  6. Resolute 22:11 - 28:16
  7. A Toast to Real Time 28:17 - 34:38
  8. Here is Where it is 34:39 - 42:06
  9. Or Else 42:07 - 50:17
  10. Airey Scairey 50:18 - 55:12
  11. Reignite 55:13 - 1:01.26
  12. Reflect 1:01.27 - End


My deepest thanks to all the musicians and technicians who came to my aid. Their support has been incredible and in most cases voluntary.
Special shout out to Gary Stanton for helping to get this online and available to you.

Lastly thanks to the members and staff of Impact who provided a great theatre for filming and to the adults with learning difficulties in attendance who were our audience for the 1st performance and provided an orchestra of melodic percussion (bells and glockenspiels) adding to the layers of sounds.

Warmest regards,

Stuart -